lördag 21 augusti 2004

NORDIC HOMO COUNCIL 2004 4th cultural session - Vaasa, Finland -- August 21

A May, 2004 reminder from the *.

(part of 2nd Vaasa Pride & Rainbow Cultural Events)

.... seminars, discussions, art, photography, films, music, performances


1. Nordic Homo Co-operation - from Iceland to Lithuania.

2. Nordic Moonbow and other Culture Festivals 2004.

3. Nordic Queer Film Festivals (2nd in Stockholm July 26-27, 2004
in collaboration with Norden i Fokus, Folkets Bio ).

4. Nordic Rainbow CD's (1st presented in Stockholm January, 2004.)

5. Welcoming new members: Homo Socialists - Sweden, Mea Culpa - Estonia, Lahia Bears Club - Finland, etc.

6. Membership Campaign: how to get national federations and others interested in Nordic co-operation?

7. Nordic Co-operation in Krakow 2005 - follow-up of Nordic House evening during violence-stricken Krakow Culture Days 2004.

8. Nordic caucus at ILGA European regional conference in Budapest, October, 2004 and joint Nordic 'ILGA' projects.

NOTE: Contributions wanted for Nordic Homo Council's ILGA 2004 membership fee:

(Contributions so far: Tupilak - 600 kr., ILGCN-Nordic - 100kr., Nordic Rainbow Humanists -100 kr.)

(c/o Tupilak postgiro 498 37 67-7)

Bill Schiller, Nordic Homo Council international secretary


NORDIC HOMO COUNCIL .... is a member of the ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association) and the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network).

* is a network promoting co-operation between members and friends in Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland, Finland, Estonia & Denmark.

* has no membership fee.

Note: Earlier cultural sessions: Riga 2001, Stockholm 2002, Tallinn, 2003.