onsdag 28 april 2004

Spring 2004 News for NHC members (and future members):

* Information meeting about the NHC in Stockholm, January 24 19.00 at Salong Katakomb (Västmannag. 56 Odenplan) * during Tupilak's cultural evening.

(Ongoing discussions with colleagues in other Nordic cities about including an info meeting on the NHC in a cultural event or festival during 2004. Interested*?)

* NHC's membership application to the ILGA has been approved at the world conference in Manila. Any contributions to this year's annual ILGA membership fee would be greatly appreciated.

Note: We have received 500 kr. from Tupilak, l00 kr. from the Nordic Rainbow Humanists, 100 kr. from HAI (homo cultural workers in Nordic Amnesty) * covering 50% so far. (Use Tupilak p.g. 498 37 67 * 7 and mark it NHR-ILGA).

In addition: The NHC and some of its members (Tupilak, etc.) have promised to help with cultural events at the ILGA European regional conference in Budapest in October, 2004. We will also call for a Nordic caucus during the conference to discuss Nordic co-operation and
support for solidarity events beyond the Nordic region). Support is very welcome.

* 4th NHC cultural session (originally to take place in Sweden as decided at the Tallinn, Estonia session in 2003) will take place instead in Vaasa, Finland on August, 21, 2004. (More details coming).

* NHC support has been pledged for the 3rd international rainbow event in St. Petersburg at the end of May, 2004. (Contact us if interested.)

* An update is in process of the "Nordic Rainbow Report" for the Nordic Council's information office on Nordic, international and homo cultural activities of NHC members. (All new contributions welcome).

Bill Schiller, NHC international secretary


Nordic Homo Council is a member of theILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association) and
ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)The Nordic Homo Council is a network promoting co-operation between member groups and individuals in Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland, Finland, Estonia & Denmark. Membership is free.