torsdag 1 januari 2004

NORDIC HOMO COUNCIL members (and future members):

News for the spring of 2004:
Information meeting about the NHC in Stockholm,
January 24 19.00 at SALONG KATAKOMB (Västmannagatan 56 Odenplan) -- together with Tupilak's cultural evening.

(Ongoing discussions with colleagues in other Nordic cities about including an info meeting on the NHC in a cultural event, Pride, festival, etc. during the year. If YOU are interested, contact us!)

** NHC's membership application to the ILGA has been approved at the world conference in Manila. Any contributions to this year's annual ILGA membership FEE would be greatly appreciated.

Note: We have received 500 kr. from TUPILAK, l00 kr. from the NORDIC RAINBOW HUMANISTS, 100 kr. from HAI (homo cultural workers in Nordic Amnesty) -- covering 50% so far. (Use Tupilak p.g. 498 37 67-7 and mark it NHR-ILGA).

In addition: The NHC and some of its members (Tupilak, etc.) have promised the organizers to help with cultural events at the ILGA European regional conference in BUDAPEST in October, 2004 -- and will call for a Nordic caucus to discuss Nordic co-operation and support for
solidarity events beyond the Nordic region). Support from other NHC and Nordic ILGA members is very welcome.

4th Cultural Session in Vaasa, Finland on August 21

** 4th NHC CULTURAL SESSION (originally to take place in Sweden as decided at the Tallinn, Estonia session in 2003) will take place instead in Vaasa, Finland , Saturday, August 21, 2004. Details coming.

** NHC support has been pledged for the 3rd international rainbow event in ST. PETERSBURG at the end of May, 2004. Contact us if interested.

** An update is in process of the 'Nordic Rainbow Report' for the Nordic Council's information office on Nordic, international and homo cultural activities of NHC members. All new contributions welcome.