torsdag 2 juni 2005

Finland’s Pride in Tampere, Sidelines of EuroPride, Oslo 2005

PRESS RELEASE June 2, 2005
Nordic Homo Council Sessions in Norway and Finland

Stockholm – The sessions of the 5th Nordic Homo Council are being shared this year by two Nordic cities staging very special events: Oslo's EuroPride in June and Tampere – hosting Finland's annual Pride celebrations in July.

"We hope this makes it easier for more members in the vast Nordic region to meet face to face and not just via e-mail," says Bill Schiller, the council's international secretary and chairman of Tupilak, the Nordic organization of lesbian and gay cultural workers.

"We plan on continuing to give special attention to the use of homo culture to combat homophobia and silence and increase co-operation with our members on the eastern side of the Baltic Sea – since the situations for homosexuals in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the roughest in the Nordic region."

"As a member of the ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association) and the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network), we also want to discuss efforts to strengthen the Nordic rainbow voice in these and other international organizations," Schiller concludes.

The first session of the 2005 meeting will be in Oslo at the Humanist House on the sidelines of EuroPride as part of the Nordic and international solidarity presentation on June 21st and in Tampere at Café Mixei as part of the Nordic presentation on July 9th.

Earlier Nordic Homo Council sessions and seminars have been held
in Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn and Vaasa.

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