söndag 19 december 2010

Nordic Rainbow Humanists

Nordic Rainbow Humanists

C/O   Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers) http://www.tupilak.org/ , ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) Information Secretariat - Stockholm     http://www.ilgcn.tupilak.org/  and the Nordic Rainbow Council.

CALLING NORDIC RAINBOW HUMANISTS                               December 16, 2010

Greetings! The latest information….

1. Nordic Rainbow Humanist Award winner 2010!!??? Suggestions, recommendations as quickly as

(Earlier awards have gone to humanists in Britain, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Romania (which helped launch the Romanian Humanist organization!), Nigeria. Our award to the Nigerian Humanists was finally handed out in person in London this year at a GALHA ceremony. See Erato on ILGCN web site)

2. Our Nordic Rainbow Humanist folder is to be reprinted. Suggestions, additions, new photos? As
    quickly as possible to Stockholm!

3. 2011: As usual, we will include seminars on “Humanists on the Rainbow Barricades” at the coming
    ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) world cultural conference stages:

    May 2-14: Ankara/Istanbul (Rolf Solheim from Norway will once again join us with his multi-
                                                                                                                           media presentation!)
     August 28-September 3: Crimea, Ukraine (More detailed information, dates coming)

We are also offering our usual rainbow humanist seminars at Polish pride events: Krakow (May), Warsaw (July) Wroclaw (New!!! - October) and Poznan (November).

Also: 3rd Baltic Pride in Tallinn, Estonia (June). Minsk, Belarus (August).

Sweden: We hope to have rainbow humanist seminars (or include humanism in our seminars on rainbow culture, international solidarity, etc.) at our traditional co-operation with Gothenburg LGBT Festival (May), Eskilstuna Pride (May), Uppsala Pride (September).

Stockholm Pride: We have been informed that a very good group of Swedish humanists are planning a major event at the coming Stockholm Pride!!

(Of course we offer any assistance but are very happy that this takes pressure off us. We have arranged humanist seminars at Pride House and elsewhere in Stockholm over the last few years with very fine response from the audiences and good discussions – often with visiting Nordic Rainbow Humanists from Norway, Iceland, Lithuania, etc.)

(Last year, our humanist seminar at Stockholm Pride House was one of our five Tupilak, ILGCN, NRH, seminars on rainbow culture, international solidarity, history, etc. For 2011, we hope to expand to other subjects such as “Rainbow Flags in Palestine…?” and “Rainbow Flags among the Roma-Sinti…?”)

4. GALHA – we will once again invite our London-based colleagues to join us on the Eastern European barricades as they promised. (A near-future meeting with GALHA…?)

Any Nordic Rainbow Humanist colleagues eager to join us in Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Estonia, Crimea, Belarus, etc. are very welcome. Please get in touch.

Bill Schiller, Nordic Rainbow Humanist international secretary,  chairman of Tupilak and secretary
                                                             general of the ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm