torsdag 7 september 2006


September 1, 2006

Stockholm/Gothenburg -- The 2006 session of the Nordic Homo
Council will take place as earlier announced in the Swedish west coast
city on September 23 - on the sidelines of the Gothenburg Book Fair

where the NHC and other Nordic rainbow groups will raise the first
rainbow flags at the 'International Square' - a special zone with
many other solidarity groups.

Discussions will cover proposals to change the name to Nordic
Rainbow Council to make the organization's name more inclusive and
Nordic co-operation at coming ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay
Cultural Network) cultural stages in Posnan (to be visited by a
Swedish-Finnish-Norwegian delegation) and Minsk in November.

Other proposals will deal with the newly-established Nordic
Cultural Fund, a report on the Nordic delegation to Moscow pride
(supported by the Nordic Culture Fund and the Norwegian Embassy), more
cultural co-operation over Nordic borders and beyond and at the next
ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association) European conference in
Vilnius in 2007.

Continued Membership in ILGCN, ILGA

Another proposal calls for maintaining the continued
"informal" structure of the council, no membership fee and
continued membership in the ILGCN and the ILGA.

"Nordic Homo Council fees to the ILGA are paid through voluntary
contributions - and we really appreciate the largest annual
contributions coming from Tupilak (the organization of rainbow cultural
workers in the Nordic region)," says NHC international secretary, Bill
Schiller. "And we're proud to have received this years Tupilak
"Loke's Sisters Award" to help pay costs for the rent for the
Gothenburg fair's Nordic Rainbow Stand."

Other proposals via e-mail or in person at the session are welcome.

More information: via Tupilak


Earlier Nordic Homo Council sessions have taken place in Stockholm,
Wasa, Tallinn, Riga, Oslo and Tampere.

Membership is open to organizations and individuals in Sweden,
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.